Negative space stamping

2016-04-20 12.45.11.jpg

Kiko Frozen Smoothie White (very delicate, great application, tiny blue-grey particles adding depth)

OPI Yoga-ta Get this Blue (two coats for more depth but you can get by with one, the lighter blue shimmer makes it glow from within ♥

Stamping plate Born Pretty L003

Clear jelly stamper (the Born Pretty one)



Author: multileggedcreature

Hello! Un blog qui parle de tout et de rien, mais surtout de choses plaisantes: nail art, musique, sport... Le nom est une référence à Star Trek (LE VRAI), un moment où M. Spock est bien malin! A blog about anything, as long as it's nice: nail art, music, sport... The name is a reference to Star Trek, the REAL one; where Mr Spock is being sneakily clever

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