Essie Swatches

Un rouge crème moyen, opaque un une couche facile d’application, consistance parfaite! Essie Party on a Platform is a medium red cream, very easy to apply in one coat and with perfect consistency!
Un vernis doré métallique, à appliquer en 1/2 couches selon leur épaisseur. Lui aussi très facile à appliquer! Essie Getting Groovy is a metallic gold polish also very easy to apply, opaque in 1/2 coats depending on their thickness.

Un vernis crème vert canard profond, opaque en 1/2 couches selon l’épaisseur, Essie Satin Sister is a deep teal creme, opaque in 1/2 coats depending on your their thickness.

Un beau bronze avec un shimmer délicat, opaque en une couche… et avec un top coat qui bulle, Essie Ready to Boa is a gorgeous bronze with a delicate shimmer, opaque in one coat. And a bubbly top coat…

Autumnal Classy Dry Brush

OPI Infinity Shine Olive for Green, an olive green creme opaque in 2 coats and Essie Seeing Stars, a brownish bronze with bronze shimmer opaque in one coat.
Both are easy to apply.

Dry brush: Orly Luxe (swatch)

OPI Infinity Shine Olive for Green, un vert olive opaque en 2 couches et Essie Seeing Stars, un bronze foncé avec un shimmer bronze, opaque en une couche.
Les deux sont faciles à appliquer.
Dry brush: Orly Luxe (swatch)

Smoosh Manis!

Base: Pacific Tender Heart, a vegan, 7-free silver polish, opaque in 2/3 coats
Smooshed with: Essie seeing stars, OPI Olive for Green, Maniology monocle stamper for Nailbrarian!

Essie Luxe, a gold polish opaque in one coat
Stamped with: Essie on your mistletoes, Pacific Tender Heart, Maniology monocle stamper.

Nailbrarian Guest Post: Negative Space Flowers!

Essie Russian Roulette, Looks more red than orange in person, easy coverage in two coats.
Stamped with:
Plate: ÜberChic Beauty Nice and Negative. Loved this plate!
MoYou London rectangular clear stamper.
Born Pretty #3 (black)
Topcoat: Maniology Smudge Free Topcoat. Highly recommended!

Pride flag!

Un drapeau avec des limitations nettes entre les couleurs (contrairement à une autre mani plus ancienne, voir plus bas) faites à main levée et en alternant shimmer / crème.
A pride flag with clear, free-handed borders between colours (contrary to an older mani, see further down). Alternating shimmer and cream finish.

Sephora Spicy Red
OPI Bright Lights Big Colors (swatch)
OPI I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana
Sephora Green Revolution + Revlon Wintermint (swatch)
Urban Decay Chaos (swatch)
Essie Sexy Divide (swatch)

Old sponged Pride mani

Swatch and Stamp: Essie Surrounded By Studs

Un vernis bleu profond au shimmer délicat, opaque en une couche, Essie Surrounded By Studs is a beautiful navy blue with a delicate shimmer, opaque in one coat.
Stamped with L’Oréal Saphir Treasure (swatch), Maniology Negative Space 025 and Born Pretty Clear Jelly Stamper.

Essie Surrounded by Studs

Swatch: Essie Congrats

Une base transparente remplie de très fines paillettes argent, et quelques bleues, mauve et magenta un peu moins fines. 2/3 couches seul, 1 couche sur un vernis argent selon l’effet désiré (densité des paillettes colorées). Festif! Essie Congrats is a transparent base in which there is a lot of very fine silver glitter with lightly larger blue, lavender and magenta glitter. On its own in 2/3 coats, or one coat over a silver base depending on how dense you want the coloured glitter to be. Festive!