Sephora Swatch & Stamp: Glitter Moon

Un vernis noir au shimmer argent, facile à appliquer et parfaitement opaque en deux couches! Sephora Glitter Moon A black polish with silver shimmer, easy to apply and opaque in two coats!

Essie Empire Shade of Mind (swatch)
Born Pretty clear jelly stamper
Stamped with Essie Empire Shade of Mind and N°7 Black Patent
ÜberChic Christmas 01


Soft Halloween Mani :-)

b2018-10-18 13.24.34.jpg
Essie Closing Night + stamping

Essie Gel Couture Closing Night, 2/3 coats (swatch)
OPI Can’t Find My Czechbook (swatch)
Born Pretty Clear Jelly Stamper
ÜberChic Halloween 01

OPI Swatch and Stamp: OPI Can’t Hear Myself Pink!

Un vernis rose vif et shimmer or, 3 couches sur du blanc, facile à appliquer OPI Can’t Hear Myself Pink! a bright pink polish with gold shimmer, easy to apply in 3 quick coats over white.

b2018-10-15 09.12.13.jpg
OPI Can’t Hear Myself Pink! + stamping

Formula X Foxxy
Born Pretty clear Jelly Stamper
Born Pretty BP-81 (discontinued?)
ÜberChic Halloween 01




Swatch & Stamp: OPI Hotter Than You Pink

Un vernis rose vif au shimmer bleu, opaque en 2/3 couches sur une couche de blanc. Attention les yeux!
A bright, hot pink polish with blue shimmer, opaque in 2/3 coats over white. Whoa!

OPI Dining Al Frisco (swatch)
Sephora Pink Paradise
Born Pretty clear jelly stamper
ÜberChic Halloween 01

Swatch & (double) Stamp: Sephora Take A Selfie

Un vernis crème gris-bleu profond, opaque en deux couches Sephora Take A Selfie is a dark blue-grey creme polish, opaque in 2 coats.
Konad Red & Konad Gold
ÜberChic Sticky Stamper
Swirly design from Born Pretty L004


Sephora Cherry Popsicle swatch & stamp

b2018-07-06 16.23.37.jpg
Sephora Cherry Popsicle + white stamping

Un rouge classique, opaque en 1/2 couches et facile à appliquer Sephora Cherry Popsicle is a classic red, opaque in 1/2 coats and easy to apply.
Plaque Born Pretty BP-L004
Born Pretty white stamping polish
ÜberChic sticky stamper